How a CRM can Improve Productivity

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software enables access to many tools that boost your productivity and efficiency. You are saving time and allowing yourself to focus on high-value tasks.

This article will share tips on how a CRM can help improve your productivity.

Automate tasks in your workflow

Automating your processes will reduce the time needed for tedious and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Below are tasks that can be easily automated:

  • Lead Qualification: Some CRMs offer a lead vetting process so you can see which of them match your criteria.
  • Add Client information: Automatically import information from contact forms and integrated apps, so you don’t have to enter this manually.
  • Pipeline Management: Notify or flag tasks when a length of time has passed with no contact
  • Allocation of tasks: Allocate leads or tasks to your team members once the required steps have been completed.
  • Sending emails automatically: Sending emails to follow up with clients can be tiring, but once you have set up your canned emails, they can be sent automatically once a client has completed a step in your flow or a reminder when action needs completing.

Managing Activity

CRMs can help you organize your time and avoid data duplication. This way, you don’t need to worry about whether or not you have access to important information for your business.

Getting an overview of your day is essential to keep up with your most productive moments. CRMs allow you to filter by specific times and tasks to focus on what needs to be accomplished.

Sync your calendar to track appointments, leave time for work and avoid interruptions.

Integrating your CRM

Integrating your CRM with other tools can help you avoid much manual work and minimize errors that may occur. Having various integrated tools can also reduce the amount of time spent on switching between platforms, as it will allow data from other software to appear on your CRM dashboard and reduce the amount of manual input needed.

Protection of Documentation

Having contracts, invoices, agreements, and email templates on a single platform will enable you to quickly find and access them without gathering dust in a cupboard.

Use of Labels and Filters

Searching for a particular contact or document can be time-consuming. Labels and filters will give visibility to access information about a task quickly, lead or contact, such as:

  • Deals that have passed a specific period
  • invoices due
  • Deals that fall under a particular category

User-Friendly Experience

Setting up your CRM correctly for your business can be incredibly user-friendly and help with time management. Making using your CRM more fun and less tedious.

That means taking time to customize your CRM, including capturing essential data, setting up your dashboard and pipeline, and generally thinking about building an incredible user journey.

Overall, setting up your CRM correctly will help you in all the fields discussed above.

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